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Sharing my experience and knowledge with others is my dharma

I am passionate about a cuisine that serves our bodies and our planet the best. Being able to share this passion with others, to help them discover new ways of doing things in the kitchen, to help them waste less and give them confidence in their cooking skills, is something that drives me and fills me with energy.

I want my workshops and events to be moments where you get to fully replenish, leave with this after-holiday energised but relaxed feeling, and a newfound drive and curiosity to continue to explore the beautiful and vast world that the culinary field enfolds.

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What ?

During a workshop with me we will prepare a meal together.

I always start the workshop with a little intro about the recipes and the ingredients we will use, their nutritional values and health benefits.

Everybody will get their hands dirty to prepare the different dishes, which usually range from 3 to 5 dishes.

Once all is ready, we sit together to savour our hard work around a well deserved meal.

You will go home with the printed recipes and usually one of the preparations as a little souvenir to enjoy at home.

How & Where ?

Eat Pretty Be Happy workshops
Together, we will (re)discover seasonal produce. Every month we will prepare full dinner around a new vegetable.
These workshops are given either in english or in french and open to single subscription.

La Cuisine de Flore
I run some vegan meal workshops at La cuisine de Flore.
Info and workshop mainly in french, , but englishspeakers are welcome. Open to single subscription.

Private workshops & Teambuildings
Workshops can also be organised from the comfort of your own home or as a nice activity within your work team.
The theme will be discussed together and customised to your liking.
On the D-day, i will come over with all the ingredients and material needed to run the workshop.


Acquire new sustainable kitchen habits while having a good time, enjoying a delicious meal and meeting amazing like-minded people 🙂

Throughout my workshops you will get to

  • know your seasonal produce better by
    • learning about their health benefits
    • using all parts in different recipes
  • grow your kitchen-confidence  by learning new tricks and tips
  • widen your creativity by opening your view on the plethora of sustainable cooking possibilities.


Eat Pretty Be Happy events are small-scale culinary events like

  • discovery dinners,
  • funky afterworks,
  • chill brunches,

where all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the moment, the place, the people you are with and the ‘eat pretty be happy’ food 🙂

How & Where?

The events are organised on a sporadic basis and will be shared via my newsletter and social media.

The best way to stay posted about the events is to subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of this page where i will share all details whenever an event is being launched.

If you would like to organise an event yourself, and are looking for a chef to take care of the menu creation, i can certainly help you with that. Just hit me a message through my contact page and i’ll be looking forward to discuss my collaboration to your event with you.


Happiness is cultivated by taking care of our principal sources of wellbeing: a strong and healthy body and a clean and peaceful environment.

The Eat Pretty Be Happy events bring you a moment of escape that will nourish the whole package!

An environment that brings you that immediate chill and feelgood feeling, people that are there to spend a good time and food that will feed your body as much as your soul.


The most powerful social media…
it is not the internet, it is not facebook – it is food.
This connects all human beings.

Alex Atala

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