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My favourite place to be in my home is my kitchen.
It’s my happy spot. It’s where i can wind down, where i feel creative and where i easily lose track of time. I mean, i can easily spend 2 hours in my kitchen just prepping dinner for myself :p

What i like the most is exploring and experimenting.
I love discovering new ways of doing things and being able to cook something that respects the planet and that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what dietary principles, culture, or restrictions one might have.

My cuisine is a sustainable cuisine.
A cuisine that respects our planet and does good to our bodies and souls.

Throughout my shared recipes, you will find some all-time favourites and traditional recipes, but mostly expect out of the ordinary recipes using common in-season ingredients, tips & tricks to waste the least and always some notes on nutritional benefits and possible swaps to go around dietary restrictions or allergens.

I hope this blog will make you feel like a little explorer too, hungry for discovering new ways of cooking seasonal produce while helping you waste less in your kitchen – making you gain time, money and good environmental karma points 😉

blog owner cooking pancakes

The recipe blog is in the making, but it will soon be available.

topview of pan with pumpkin and chestnut risotto
Chocolate spread
bowl full of raspberry and limoncello popsicles
stack of cookies
Raspberry ricotta slice

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I’m just someone who likes cooking
and for whom sharing food is a form of expression.

Maya Angelou

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